LED Suppliers in Cape Town

There are now more Residential LED Suppliers in Cape Town to choose lighting options from.

This makes it very convenient for consumers.

Clients can buy residential LED lighting components anytime when needed without stocking up units in the home.

Limited Options

Residential LED suppliers should be able to offer more than just supplying.

W & F assist homeowners with the choice of residential LED bulbs and lighting components.

We will also do the installation, changing bulbs and maintenance services.

Other residential LED services are consultations.


Many residential LED lighting components are ordered online today.

Telephonic orders without the consumer making a trip to the hardware store to pick up the desired entity.

The advanced technology today allows a tech-savvy consumer to make an online order from home.


The online order of residential LED components is easy and convenient.

With the listing of available residential LED lighting components displayed on the screen.

Consumers can choose the preferred ones according to their home needs.

The highest security level on e-Commerce transactions for online orders to ensure a safe transaction.


Standard manufacturer warranties for every residential LED lighting product purchased.

This is another reason for the fast acceptance of residential LED lighting products.

In the market, today standard warranty offers a performance assurance of the product to the consumer.

Residential LED lighting products guarantee 6 years

Each residential LED lighting product can handle as much as four hours usage per day on the average at 120V.

There may be an occasional defective piece and this is where the manufacturer’s warranty comes into play.

The supplier or manufacturer would send a replacement when a defective piece is found.